By default any new account created will have a limit of 25 Active Contacts to communicate with for FREE every month.  It's a good place to start, but most of our clients upgrade once they realize how easy it is to generate an automated pipeline of new deals with very little overhead.

Creating or Upgrading My Subscription

Click this link to upgrade your subscription and select a plan that matches the number of contacts you plan on communicating with every month.  Once you select the best plan, you can add additional licenses on the next step for any team members you previously invited.  You can all be on different plan levels and depending on your needs and it's really easy to Upgrade here.  After adding a credit card, and reviewing your selections, submit the payment and your accounts will be automatically credited for the plan selected.  If you want to schedule a training or can't find the answer to your questions in our Help Center, please email


Discounts and Promotions

Occasionally, Replyify may offer a discount or promotion for a limited time.  The biggest savings you can take advantage of right now is to pay for the year up front.  Don't know where you'll be in a year?  Then select quarterly billing to lock in a price break over monthly billing.  We 

Credit Card and Billing History

If your payment fails because you got a new credit card or you have on expiring soon, go here to update your credit card.  We will send an email confirmation and receipt every time your card is charged and if you need to view previous payments click here.

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