Your Personal Contact Settings

Go Account Details to edit your name, update your password an manage your email address.  If your email account has permission to send from another email address, you can click 'Manage Email Address' to add another email you want to send from.  Before saving this page, make sure you select which email address is primary/default.

How do I know if I have permission to send from another email address?

Every company and email provider (Gmail/Outlook) handles this differently.  This is typically referenced as a 'send mail as' or 'send from' permission.  Gmail has a great post on this here and if you have permission to send from another email address, you can add the email address in the 'Manage Email Address' section.

Account Diagnostics and Troubleshooting

If your email campaigns stop sending and you don't know why, the first place to check is your Account Diagnostics.  If your account is 'Flagged' or IMAP/SMTP is not connected, please review your email setup here.  If you don't see green check marks next to each category, then you know where the problem lies.  If you have questions about how to fix something please email 

Adding Team Members

Teams are very flexible. You can be in multiple teams at one time. Teams can be used to segment groups of similar users for custom reporting, management and sharing templates. If you are a team admin, you can also control billing for team members.

You can add a coworker to a team or you can add people from outside your company (ie - you run an agency and manage outbound campaigns on behalf of your clients).  They will receive an invite which will need to be clicked to confirm their participation on your team.

If you are the designated Team Owner for your company, you can request permission from a Team Member you invited to access their account.  This requires a Pro Subscription and once enabled, you will be able to jump to a Team Member's account to view campaign stats, edit campaign templates, add contacts and more.

What else would you like see in our platform to more efficiently manage your team?  Reply back to with your suggestions!

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