First, congrats on getting your first campaign live!  Now the fun begins.  To manage your saved campaigns (Live, Draft, or Paused) go to the Campaigns section at the top of your Replyify screen.  (ps - don't forget to check the ToDos section to manage your replies, phone calls and/or your social selling activities)

Don't like reading??  Watch and listen to the video tutorial below:

And now, for those who would prefer to NOT listen to us explain everything for the next 10 minutes.  Keep on reading...

Next, click anywhere on the 'Campaign' row to go to a Detailed 'stats by step' page.

At the top of this page, you'll see aggregate stats for Active Contacts, Queued Contacts, Open Rate %, Click Rate %, Reply Rate %, and Converted %.  There are 5 main menu options to select from to manage components of your campaign.  We'll review each below:


By default, when you click on a specific campaign from your campaign list, the 'Steps' menu option is your first view.  On this page, each step in your campaign is broken out with detailed stats per step. 

  • Select 'Edit Steps' to edit, add, remove or re-arrange the current steps in your campaign.  To move an email or non-email step in a campaign (earlier or later in the sequence), click on the three bars next to the Step Description and drag to a new position.
  • If your campaign is LIVE and you make any changes to the campaign order or add/remove steps, a new timeline is created.  (This is where it gets tricky, but that's why we write these articles.)  Any time a contact is 'Activated' a 'timeline' is assigned to them based on when they will receive steps in your campaign.  So, every time you change (and SAVE) your campaign steps,  a new timeline is created.  Previously 'Activated' contacts will retain their original timeline or sequence.  Any 'Queued' contacts (or contacts you add in the future) will inherit the NEW timeline you just created.  There is a Dropdown Menu to the far right of 'Stats by Steps' on this page where you can view 'Stats by Step' for each of the Timelines you created.  Make sense?  Is there a better way we could have described this?  Drop us a note to
  • Next to each step listed is a 'VIEW' link.  If you click this link, the body of the email will expand (see screenshot below).  You can click on 'Send Test Email' and we will send a formatted version of the email to your inbox.  When you open the email there is an option to 'Edit This Template'.  If you want to edit your email template you can click the link in the test email or click the 'Edit Template' link on this page.  (hint - it's next to the 'Send Test Email' option)
  • Editing a Template can only be done in this section.  Why you ask?  Your templates may be used in multiple campaigns.  It's easy to lose track of the context for your template, and making an edit that is relevant to one campaign may conversely make a absolutely no sense in another campaign.  (I felt the pain of this when we first built Replyify)


The 'Contacts' section of your campaign is setup to allow you to a) search for prospects to view/edit/pause specific contacts or b) add/remove contacts to/from this campaign.  Pro Tip - You can also add contacts to a campaign directly from SellHack or by uploading a file in the main Contacts section.  

Search and filter contacts on the left of this page.  Then click on the contact's row to view the contact timeline and 'pause' the contact from future steps or mark them as converted.  

To see a more detailed view of the contact's data, click the expanded view.  You can also mark the contact as 'Unsubscribed', View all history, and update/edit the contact's details.


The activity section will display details for Opens, Clicks, Tasks, and a chart for visualization.  The default filter is 'Last 7 Days' and you can select the dropdown box with the date range, to modify this filter.

  1. Opens - See who opened and email with a time stamp, location and device.
  2. Clicks - Track who clicks your emails.
  3. Tasks - Track who open activities and ToDos you have to complete for a contact.
  4. Chart - A visual representation of opens, clicks and emails sent per day.


Check out a more detailed summary of the Campaign Settings here.

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