Importing Contacts from

Go to your managed list on SellHack click the export button*.  Use the Filters option to find/select certain prospects.  Next, click the export button and click Replyify.  You will be prompted to select a campaign (this is optional).  On the right hand side of this page, you will see what SellHack fields are mapped to Replyify for use with Variables in your campaign editor.  You can edit the mapping here.

*If this is your first time exporting contacts from SellHack, you will need to authorize and connect your SellHack and Replyify accounts (see below).

Uploading a Contact File:

You can upload a file by clicking on the 'Add Contacts' button of the Contacts page.
Select a .CSV file from your computer, then click 'Upload'.  

You will then be prompted to map the data in your file to a corresponding Replyify field.  We automatically detect and suggest a Replyify field to map to.  If we don't suggest a field, you will be prompted to ignore the data field with the dropdown 'Don't Import This Field' OR select the option to 'Add a new custom field' with this data.  Click 'Save Fields' when you are satisfied with your selection.

Once your fields are saved, please select an option to assign your contacts to a campaign now or to skip for now and add them to a campaign later.  Once you've made your selection, click the 'Start Import' button.

The import process will begin, and you'll be notified (shortly) via email when the import is complete.  In the meantime, go find some more prospects on

ps - if you already have contacts uploaded, and want to assign them to a campaign, here's a helpful article that explains this easy process step by step.

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