Week ending 12/07/2017:

  • Filtering by campaign from your main contact list.  This also allows you to export a set of contacts from a specific campaign.

Week ending 11/17/2017:

  • You can now pause a sequence for a contact when they open an email or click a link.  This is configurable for each step in the sequence listed under 'Advanced Settings' when editing steps
  • Rendered Steps... You can view the history of all steps for a contact, rendered with variables replaced, for your reference.  Found in the contact section of each To-dos item and on the contact details view.

Week ending 11/10/2017:

  • Font size has been added to the wysiwyg editor for composing signatures and templates
  • Bounce report rule implemented in preferences: you can now have Replyify delete or move bounce reports from your inbox

Week ending 10/20/2017:

  • Individual campaign steps can now be set to a custom time of day for delivery

Week ending 10/13/2017:

  • You can now add BCC email address for all outgoing emails at the campaign level.  This does not override the account level  BCC email address but will add an additional if it is set.

Week ending 8/18/2017:

  • You can now use a BUMP to follow up to previous emails in a campaign rather than starting a new thread for all emails

Week ending 8/11/2017:

  • Campaign setting now have an option to prevent a contact who is active in the campaign from accidentally getting added to another campaign.  (You can turn this on/off based on your preference.  For example, you may want to prevent a contact from being added to multiple outbound campaigns, but if you have an upcoming webinar and want to add the prospect, you may want to allow the prospect to be added to another campaign.)
  • Toggle option to turn off click / open tracking at campaign level.
  • Reply detection from a different email address.  (You email john@company.com but john@company.co replies.  We'll now associate the reply to the right contact.)
  • Images can now be added to signatures (Edit your signature(s) to add an image)
  • Export from contacts section to CSV file (You can now run reports based on contact data or activity and export to a .csv file)
  • Replies can be moved from Inbox to another folder or Archived directly from To-Do’s section.  (This feature makes it easier to manage replies from Replyify then click the drop down, select a folder move the reply or archive the message to keep your inbox neat and tidy.)
  • You can now mouse over campaign level stats to toggle the view of % and count.  You can also click a stat to jump to filtered view of campaign for that stat.  Booya!
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