You can easily share a campaign with a team member.  Please first confirm the following:

  1. This person has been invited and accepted your request to have them join your team.  Here's an quick how to if you haven't invited them yet or jump right to the Team Invite page and select 'Manage and Invite'.

  2. Your team member has granted you permissions to apply your template to their account.  Same how to as above.

  3. Once you confirm the invite and permissions are set, go to your campaigns tab to select the campaign you want add to their account.

  4. Click the 'duplicate' icon at the top of the page.  

Next select if you want to duplicate the campaign in your account only, or send it to your team members account.   (nb - the original campaign won't be affected when you share it)

The campaign will be pushed to the selected account and your team member will receive an email confirmation with a link to the new campaign.

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