Replyify provides two ways to integrate SalesForce.  

  1. You can add your Salesforce 'BCC Email Address' to your Account Settings so each email sent will update Salesforce.  Check out this article for more info.

  2. If you're on a Pro Plan or higher, you have access to our Bi-Directional Salesforce Sync Integration and can set this up here.  *if you're on a plan that doesn't have access to Salesforce, but you want to test it, please send us a message.

Map Salesforce Fields

If you import leads or contacts from your Salesforce account Replyify will map the data to the fields you select below.  Select the option to for each Salesforce Field to map to Replyify by selecting "Don't Import this Field" or "Add as a Custom Field" or Selecting the default match.  

  • Leads/Contacts: Depending if you use Leads and/or Contacts, be sure to set the fields for both.

  • Tasks: Set the Task Subject Line when writing Replyify activities (Email, Call, Linkedin etc) to your Salesforce Tasks.

Pro Tip - for a quick set up, click 'Save Fields' at the bottom of the Field Mapping Section.  You can always edit later.

Log Replyify Activity
Turn this setting 'On' to alow Replyify to log all Replyify activity in Salesforce (creating and updating leads and contacts and logging tasks).

Create New Leads
Turn this setting 'On' to allow Replyify to create new leads when activating a contact in a campaign if we can't find a lead or contact with a matching email address in Salesforce.

Update Leads & Contacts
Turn this setting 'On' to allow Replyify to update lead status when Replyify tasks are completed. Each step in a campaign can be configured (under advanced settings) to update a field on a lead or contact.

Click Edit Trigger Rules to create a custom rule telling Replyify to do something based on an activity or trigger.  (see examples below)

Opt-Out Rules

Turn this setting 'On' to add one or more field-value rules(i.e. Status = Closed, HasOptedOutOfEmail = True, etc) and any synced Salesforce Lead or Contact that matches these rules will automatically be unsubscribed in all of your Replyify campaigns.  This can be setup bi-directionally and really handy.  Set this up right away!

  1. Before we send an email we will check Salesforce for this value and if it matches we will unsubscribe them in Replyify right away and won't send the email.

  2. If a contact unsubscribes in Replyify or if you mark them as unsubscribed in Replyify, you can use the Trigger Rules > Action: Unsubscribed to update your Salesforce instance.
    (Note: this is not automatic, you must set this rule up manually)

Remove/Configure Installation

Once you save changes for the settings'll see the option to Remove/Configure Installation. You can perform several actions here.

  1. Remove Salesforce From Replyify Account.  You can uninstall Salesforce here to disable all Salesforce actions. Reinstalling in the future will retain existing settings. 

  2. Required to Execute Replyify Campaigns - If any Salesforce process fails for any reason stop running campaigns until it is repaired.  *If this setting is 'ON', Replyify will STOP sending emails until you fix/update your Salesforce connection due to, for example, your Salesforce login credentials being expired which disconnects the account.

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