Replyify integrates with multiple 3rd party services directly and indirectly.


Our Salesforce Integration is detailed and highly customizable.  Detailed instructions and integration settings can be found here.  Access your Salesforce settings here. 

With Salesforce you have a lot of control over managing unsubscribes, creating leads, updating leads and syncing activity by creating custom rules.


Zapier makes it easy for companies like Replyify to integrate with 1,000s of other websites.  Instead of spending the next 6-12 months building native integrations into 3rd party platforms, Zapier covers most of the heavy lifting.  

You can find our Zapier listing here.  

A lot of our clients use Replyify as a (pre-CRM) filter and only push leads to their CRM who've opted in or expressed interest in your product or service.  They do this by marking contacts as 'converted' in Replyify then zapping that contact to your CRM.  

This tends to keep your CRM organized and control your CRM cost especially if you're using something like Hubspot, which gets expensive as contacts accrue over time.

Note: If you plan to use your custom fields in a Zap you must enable them here. There is a limit of 15 enabled Zapier fields.

Other CRMs

If you don't use Salesforce and the Zapier integration isn't enough for you, check out our BCC email option in your account preferences.  

Step 1: Confirm that you added your BCC email address to your Account Preferences.

Step 2: Confirm in your CRM that you are using the correct BCC email.  You may need to contact your CRM Account Manager or your internal CRM Admin for this address.

Step 3: Confirm that you are emailing a Lead that has previously been saved in your CRM or the activity may be written to an Unresolved Item section.  So, you may need to have your leads imported to your CRM prior to setting a campaign live using Replyify and the BCC email address. 


Webhooks are an easy way to integrate with 3rd parties to receive data to an target URL when an event happens.  You can access webhooks here.


The Replyify API is currently in beta.  Please contact support for access.  Example documentation can be found here

Our APIs are RESTful. All responses are delivered in JSON format and the base API URL is

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