If a contact does not respond to your initial campaign sequence, you sometimes want to continue reaching out to that contact with a different sequence of emails. This new setting allows you to automate moving contacts to a new campaign.

To chain campaigns together go to the Settings tab of the campaign that you want to start with and click the Edit Settings button.

Next go down to the Chained Campaign setting and select the next campaign you want to use from the dropdown box.

Save your changes and your done!  When you view the campaign that starts the chain you will see a purple label next to the title.

Important Notes:

  • Chaining is NOT retroactive.  The campaign must be chained at the time the contact completes the campaign.  If a contact has already completed a campaign BEFORE you chain campaigns THEY WILL NOT automatically be moved to the new campaign.

  • If you extend a timeline AFTER you chain to another campaign you may not be able to reactivate a contact in the first campaign without disabling the Prevent contacts in other campaigns safety setting.  Most of the time this is a good thing, but if you really want a contact active in both campaigns you must disable this setting

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