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How do I set-up a custom domain for tracking opens and clicks?
How do I set-up a custom domain for tracking opens and clicks?

Branding your custom tracking link URLs and open tracking to improve deliverability and branding.

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To track your emails Replyify needs to:

  • Insert a 1x1 invisible pixel in the email

  • Convert your inserted link(s) into trackable links by redirecting the click

Both the pixel and the trackable link are connected to the Replyify domain (

You can override this default setting to use a domain/url that you own instead of using links to track opens and clicks.   You can fully customize this tracking/redirect URL for example -

As a result - you may benefit from:

  • Better deliverability using a domain that isn't shared with others

  • Better branding since your domain will be visible when a contact hovers over the link in your email

  • Some Spam monitors may favor your domain used in the click/open tracking URL (not when assessing whether to deliver your message

To setup your Custom Domain follow these steps:

(1) Log in to your Domain Hosting Provider and get into the DNS zone editor then create a new CNAME record for your domain. Enter the Name/Host input: or for example.  This can be whatever you like, just follow the format in the examples. 

Here is a video on how to create a CNAME DNS record on Blue Host:
(Other hosting providers should be similar.  Please refer to your Domain Host support articles/representatives if you have specific questions.)

(2) Setup a DNS CNAME record with value of POINTS TO = in your DNS settings and click 'Save' or 'Add Record' (see above image).  Leave the TTL (Time To Live) set to the default value.

(3) Wait about 15 minutes

(5) Enter your Domain Name, choose CNAME, and push Search

(6) If you get results where CNAME is equal to,

then: go to step 7.  IF CNAME does not equal wait another 15 min then check again

(7) Go to Replyify Account menu > Sending &  Preferences > Tracking 

(8) Enter the subdomain you created in your DNS settings from Step 1 into the box.

(10)  Click "Save Tracking Settings"

Once you have your tracking domain set you can choose to enable the domain for links and opens by select the checkbox next to each.  

If you test your setup in a campaign and something is not setup correctly, simply uncheck these options while you fix the problem then come back and check them and save to re-enable the custom tracking domain.

There is also an Example Link at the bottom of the tracking page that you can click to test that your CNAME is setup correctly in your DNS.

PS - you can disable ALL open/click tracking for your campaign settings as an alternative.  I wouldn't suggest that unless you're finding there's no positive impact to following the steps above and creating a custom tracking URL.  

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