First, congrats on getting your first campaign live!  Now the fun begins.  To manage your saved campaigns (Live, Draft, or Paused) go to the Campaigns section at the top of your Replyify screen.  (ps - don't forget to check the ToDos section to manage your replies, phone calls and/or your social selling activities)

tl;dr - You can extend timelines (add new steps to an live campaign), change/update your signatures, change the days to 'wait' duration and edit the master template... but you can't change order or insert steps.  Contacts already active have a timeline of emails/waits sequenced.  If we allowed you to reorder steps, folks currently in the campaign would potentially receive an email they already received and your automation would look automated which we've gone to great lengths to prevent.

Don't like reading??  Watch and listen to the video tutorial below:

And now, for those who would prefer to NOT listen to us explain everything for the next 10 minutes.  Keep on reading...

Next, click anywhere on the 'Campaign' row to go to a Detailed 'stats by step' page.

At the top of this page, you'll see aggregate stats for Active Contacts, Queued Contacts, Open Rate %, Click Rate %, Reply Rate %, and Converted %.  If you have multiple Timelines, click 'Show Timeline Stats' (below the boxes with aggregate stats) to see stats for each timeline.  

On the Campaign Stats page, you can click the number in the Wait Period display to change how many days to wait between messages.  

Clicking the 'View' link next to each step will display the email template.  In this view, you can edit the primary email template, send a test email, and change the signature/sender for the selected campaign step.

There are 5 main menu options to select from to manage components of your campaign from the Campaign Details page.  We'll review each below:


By default, when you click on a specific campaign from your campaign list, the 'Steps' menu option is your first view.  On this page, each step in your campaign is broken out with detailed stats per step. 

  • Select 'Edit Steps' to edit, add, remove or re-arrange the current steps in your campaign.  To move an email or non-email step in a campaign (earlier or later in the sequence), click on the three bars next to the Step Description and drag to a new position.  

Pro Tip - if you are trying to edit a campaign sequence to add more emails for a campaign that was previously set LIVE, consider scrolling down and selecting 'Extend Timeline'.  This is helpful if you set a campaign LIVE but didn't have ALL of the emails set up.  (keep reading)

  • Alternatively, you can scroll to the bottom of the page to click 'Extend Timeline'.  Extending a timeline will allow you to add steps to a campaign that was previously activated.  

  • If you choose to 'Extend Timeline', the next page you see (below) will allow you to add additional steps to your campaign.  The original campaign steps, wait periods, and their order are 'locked' and can't be edited.  You can select 'Add a Step' to add a wait period and additional step(s).  Remember to save your changes!

  • If you want to make changes to the original campaign order or add/remove existing steps, your best option is to create a new version of the campaign.  You can create up to 4 different versions of your campaign (A/B/C/D).

Selecting 'Start A/B Test' opens up a modal window prompting you to select whether your new B Version (for example) should start with a base template from a previous timeline or if the B Version should 'start from scratch' which will give you the ability to create the new timeline with a blank slate.  Once you make your selection from the dropdown, a new tab will open in your browser to edit/create the B Version.  Just remember to SAVE YOUR  CHANGES.Pro Tip - You can have multiple (A/B/C/D) versions of a campaign running at the same time OR you can Pause/Active certain timeline versions.  So, for example, if you create a B version of your campaign, you can select to leave the A version LIVE or you can Pause the A version so just the B version will deliver.

Campaign Delivery Across Multiple Timeline Versions

  • If you have 2 versions of the same Campaign LIVE (A and B), Replyify will automatically adjust sending to evenly assign contacts between your Active Timeline versions.  If you have 100 contacts eligible for 2 Active Timeline versions, Replyify will automatically assign 50 contacts to each.  In the case where you have 100 contacts and 3 timelines, Replyify will assign 33 contacts to A Version, then 33 contacts to B version, then 33 contacts to C version, then we'll loop back to the A version for the remaining 1 contact.

Check out the image below and we'll call out the control functions you have represented by 1, 2, 3.

  1. Click the plus button next to the Timeline Versions to add a new Timeline.  Alternatively, you can click on 'Timeline A' or 'Timeline B' to see stats or manage each timeline.

  2. You'll see a display as to whether the Timeline is Enabled/Disabled, the date it was created, and an option to Edit Steps (or extend).

  3. The 'Show Timeline Stats' dropdown will show you stats like Activated, Sent, Opened, Clicked etc for each Timeline Version.

  4. You can pause a timeline to prevent that timeline from receiving any new contacts.  So, if you picked Timeline B (for example) as the winner and don't want new contacts going into Timeline A, select Paust Timeline A.  Important:  Pausing Timeline A will prevent new contacts but will continue to send the remaining emails to all contacts previously set LIVE on timeline A.  

Reactivating 'Completed Contacts' after Extending Campaign

  • Whether you already extended your previously set LIVE campaign or are considering extending the timeline for the campaign and want the updated timeline to send emails to REACTIVATE contacts who've previously completed the original campaign sequence:

  1.  Navigate to the last email step of the original campaign and click 'VIEW'. 

  2. Click the link to Reactivate Completed Contacts

  3. (optional) If you don't have enough available credits in your account, you will be prompted to upgrade to the next plan level.

  4. Filter contacts by a date range, email, tag, click/open status etc to display contacts who match your request.  

  5. Select the contact(s) and click the orange 'Reactivate' button.  (see image below)

Editing Templates

  • On the Campaign Stats page (below), next to each step listed is a 'VIEW' link.  If you click this link, the body of the email will expand (see screenshot below).  You can click on 'Send Test Email' and we will send a formatted version of the email to your inbox.  When you open the email there is an option to 'Edit This Template'.  If you want to edit your email template you can click the link in the test email or click the 'Edit Template' link on this page.  (hint - it's next to the 'Send Test Email' option)

  • Editing a Template can only be done in this section.  Why you ask?  Your templates may be used in multiple campaigns.  It's easy to lose track of the context for your template, and making an edit that is relevant to one campaign may conversely make a absolutely no sense in another campaign.  (I felt the pain of this when we first built Replyify)

Quick Edits:

Clicking 'view' and scrolling to the bottom of the email step you'll see 'Extra Step Options'. Now you can 'bump' an email to keep on the same thread as the previous email, enable/disable 'pause on click/open', or edit the start time for the step.


The 'Contacts' section of your campaign is setup to allow you to a) search for prospects to view/edit/pause specific contacts or b) add/remove contacts to/from this campaign.  If you have two or more LIVE timeline versions, Replyify will automatically distribute contacts evenly to each of the active timelines.

Pro Tip - You can also add contacts to a campaign directly from SellHack or by uploading a file in the main Contacts section.  

Search and filter contacts on the left of this page.  Then click on the contact's row to view the contact timeline and 'pause' the contact from future steps or mark them as converted.  

To see a more detailed view of the contact's data, click the expanded view.  You can also mark the contact as 'Unsubscribed', View all history, and update/edit the contact's details.


The activity section will display details for Opens, Clicks, Tasks, and a chart for visualization.  The default filter is 'Last 7 Days' and you can select the dropdown box with the date range, to modify this filter.

  1. Opens - See who opened and email with a time stamp, location and device.

  2. Clicks - Track who clicks your emails.

  3. Tasks - Track who open activities and ToDos you have to complete for a contact.

  4. Chart - A visual representation of opens, clicks and emails sent per day.

Sending Priority:

If you have multiple campaigns running and want to give priority to one campaign over the others, adjust the Start Time setting in your campaign preferences.  

For example, let's say you have 2 campaigns live and you want to prioritize sending to the newly created campaign #3.  Adjust the Start Time for campaign #3 to (for example) 8:00am then set Campaign #1 and/or Campaign #2 to (for example) 9:00am start time.  This tells Replyify to send emails for Campaign #3 before Campaign #1 or Campaign #2.  

You can edit these start times at ANY time to reorder which campaigns have priority for sending.  The simpler option is to let Replyify automatically manage a smooth sending schedule for you by default.


Check out a more detailed summary of the Campaign Settings here.


If you made notes for a contact, you can easily view all of the notes in this section.  Alternatively, please search for the contact in Campaign Contacts to view or edit the contact's information including notes.

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