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Adding Contacts to a NEW Campaign
Adding Contacts to a NEW Campaign
If you created a campaign before you uploaded any contacts or if you uploaded contacts before creating a campaign, this article is for you.
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I uploaded contacts before I created a campaign.  Help!

If you created your campaign and added steps but need to add contact previously added to your account, but unassigned, follow these steps.

Option 1: Go to your campaign details and click on your 'Contacts' tab (see below).

If you previously uploaded the contacts to your account and you want to add them to a new campaign, click on the green 'Add Contacts to Campaign' button.  Then you can search for the contact by the attributes listed in the menu on the left.  Click the 'blank' checkbox next to the contacts you want to add and select the orange 'Add to Campaign' button.  To remove the contact, hover over the contact row, and click on the red 'Remove' icon.  Pro Tip - try searching by 'Import file' and filtering by the file name to sort and select contacts from a previously imported file.

The contact(s) will then be queued to send out during your next delivery window (assuming you set your campaign status to LIVE) governed by the Campaign Settings.  You will see them listed is queued on the main Campaigns page or in the Campaign Details (see below).

If you have a lot of contacts to add, you can click the option to 'select all contacts matching this filter' to bulk add contacts to a list.  The alternative is to re-upload a file and assign to the campaign (note - we will not duplicate contacts).

Option 2: You can also add previously uploaded contacts to a new campaign starting on the Main Contacts page.  We built some handy filters you can use to search for specific contacts.  Filtering by 'Import File' is a great way to find a group of prospects you uploaded to Replyify.  Alternatively, you can get granular and search for a very specific prospect or a prospect who works at a particular company.  Below is an example of a search for a company domain to find a prospect.  Click the 'Add to Campaign' button to select a campaign to assign a contact.

I need to upload or import contacts for a new campaign.  Help!

Don't like reading?   Here's a video tutorial.  

We just learned how to add contact's to a campaign that were previously imported or uploaded to Replyify.  If you need to upload a new contact list or import a list you gathered from SellHack, please read this article.

Note: There is a limit of 10,000 contacts per campaign.  If you run into this limit you can duplicate the campaign to use the same sequence and add new contacts to the new campaign.  This keeps campaign manageable from a reporting perspective.

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