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ToDos Section Overview
ToDos Section Overview
Mange Replies, Phone Calls and social selling activities like LinkedIn and Twitter here.
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 The ToDos section was built with three guiding principles: 

  1. You don't NEED a complex CRM to sell effectively.  You need a flexible process.

  2. Emails aren't the only pipeline activity a salesperson performs.

  3. Staying on task and remembering to follow-up yields more 'closed-won' deals.

ToDo Section Main Menu

There is a progress bar at the top of the page if you want some motivation for clearing your ToDos.  The number next to each header in the ToDos section shows you how many items in each section require your attention to complete the step you defined in your campaign creation.


Any time a prospect replies to an email, their reply will appear in your inbox and the 'Replies' section of your ToDos.  Important: if a prospect replies to your email, they will be automatically set to 'paused', and they will not receive another email from you in this campaign unless you manually reverse this.  Actions performed in the 'Replies' section.

  1. Mark Reply As: 'Out of Office', 'I've already replied', or 'Clear from ToDos'.  ps - if you don't want OOO reply in your Replies section, you can create a rule in your Account Preferences to manage how Replyify treats these Out of Office messages.

  2. Snooze Reply:  Set a reminder to reply back to the contact in the future.

  3. Respond: You can reply from your main inbox, or directly from your ToDos section.  Pro Tip: you can even set a reminder when replying from the ToDos section.  Prospect's don't always follow-up with your replies without a little prodding.

  4. Convert Contact: 'Converted' can mean anything you want it to.  It's a searchable contact field, and can be used to mark folks who are warm leads or customers.

  5. Edit Contact: Edit the contact details here.  For example, the contact's direct line may be listed in their signature.  Why not update your contact record with this?

  6. Move to Another Campaign: We use this to push 'positive replies' into a new campaign to schedule a call.  ps - the new campaign starts with a 'Manual Email'

  7. Unsubscribe: Some folks may ignore an subscribe link in your email and this is an easy way to make sure you respect their wishes to not be contacted again.

  8. Notes: notes can be added based on your communication with the client and they will be associated with the contact records.  

Manual Email:

If you have a 'Manual Email' in your campaign, you can complete the option of editing/customizing the Manual Email in this section.  In the 'Replies' section above, I referred to creating a campaign for people who replied and requested to have a call.  I will move them to a 'Demo Scheduling' campaign, with the first step set to be a Manual Email so I can personalize the next email the contact receives based on their reply or based on a unique and personalized sentence I want to add to an otherwise generic email.  


If you call on your prospects, then why not add a 'Phone Call' step to your campaign.  When a phone call step is the current step in a campaign, you can manage and track this step in the 'Phone' tab of the ToDos section.


Your contact is most likely on LinkedIn.  They can see when you visit their profile, and may be receptive to an InMail or Connection Request.  When you create a new campaign, include a LinkedIn step, and you can complete the action in the LinkedIn tab of the ToDos section.


Some of your contacts may also be on Twitter.  This is a great way to engage with a prospect.  When you create a new campaign, include a Twitter step, and you can complete the action in the Twitter tab of the ToDos section.


The 'Other' tab of your ToDos section is where you will find your reminders to complete certain actions based on your campaign setup.  For example, you may have elected to create a 'Custom Step' in your campaign which matches a sales activity not listed in our Default Steps.  This could be something like sending a physical letter, creating a custom video, or 'dropping by' their office.  You can manage your completion of this step in the 'Custom' tab of the ToDos section.

Missing Data: 

If a step in your campaign is missing critical data required to complete the step, you will be prompted to update the data in the 'Missing Data' tab of the ToDos section.  This could be an email address, phone number, Twitter handle etc that not imported or incorrectly mapped/associated with a contact's record.  The task will be marked as 'Auto Skipped' if the completion of the task wasn't contingent on the campaign continuing on it's original timeline.  You can update the missing data and when you save the contact, select an option to continue.

  1. Mark Task Done - if you completed your task.

  2. Mark Task Skipped - if the task is no longer relevant or required to complete.

  3. Create a To-Do - if you want to complete the task at any point in the future.

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