The ToDos section is where we take cold email automation to the next level without overcomplicating things by building a tool that generates more reports better than it generates new customers.

You can manage replies in your crowded inbox, or you can stay on top of your conversation until you close the deal.  Your call.  We'll order your Replies chronologically with the most recent listed first unless you select the option to 'Clear from ToDos' which will keep the contact paused and remove the item from ToDos.
(If you have a reply in your inbox, but don't see it in ToDos-Replies, please read this)

Start by clicking on the conversation that you want to manage and we'll review all of your options below.  Please note the message highlighted in 'yellow': "Contact PAUSED: the sequence will not continue until manually resumed."

Mark Reply As (dropdown)

  1. Mark as 'I've already replied' if you already replied to your prospect and don't want to manage the conversation in the ToDos section.  You will need to select the an option as to what to do with the contact illustrated in the images below.

  2. Mark as 'Clear from ToDos' if you want to make this conversation 'go away'.  We built this to easily remove a response from a prospect who asked to be unsubscribed.  After you click the 'unsubscribe' button on the reply page, consider clearing this from your ToDos.

  3. There are 2 ways to manage Out of Office messages.  Option 1: If the Reply is an out of office responder, select 'Out of Office'.  You'll be prompted to select one of two options with regards to how we should treat the contact.  From here, you can 1) : 'Resume Sequence Now' which will signal to Replyify that we should deliver the next step in the campaign at it's previously scheduled time and date.  (use this if it's a Friday and your prospect is 'working from home' or 'on a plane')  OR 2) 'Pause Campaign Sequence Until...' and designate if we should keep them paused indefinitely (ie - maternity/paternity leave) or if you want a reminder in 14 days that their overseas trip is nearing the end and it's time to start sending more emails.  The 'Reply' will inherit a 'Snoozed' status.  On the date in the future you select to be reminded, the Reply will appear at the top of the ToDos section.  Open the reply, and select the 'Resume' button to continue sending the campaign to your contact.   Option 2: In your Account Preferences, you can manage the Out of Office Rule so these OOO autoresponders don't even show up in your ToDos. Uncheck this option if you do NOT want to pause the sequence if we detect the phrase 'out of the office' or 'out of office' in a reply.  If you uncheck this, you can also tell Replyify what to do with the OOO autoresponder.  When We Detect An Out Of Office, you can instruct Replyify to Delete, Archive and Move to a specific folder in your inbox, or leave the OOO in your inbox.


Snoozing a reply is meant for late Friday afternoons when you don't know exactly how to respond to the contact's demanding but cryptic request for more information but want a reminder to follow up first thing on Monday after consulting with your team and making it to happy hour before the party is over.


Replies are the holy grail of prospecting.  We built a simple interface for you to manage sending your response to a reply right from our application.

Click the 'Respond' button to open the editor.

  • Add a CC, BCC or forward to response to another team member (all are optional)

  • Type a response, format it if you must.

  • Customize your response using 'Variables'.

  • Add your signature automatically or leave if off to sound more human.

  • Set a reminder for the future in case your prospect isn't as eager as you are to use your handy calendar scheduling tool to book the demo.  Don't drop the ball.

  • Click send and your response will start traveling the interwebs.

When you click on a Reply, if you hover over the 'Step x of xx' in the top right to see an overview of timeline for where the contact is in your campaign.  The green arrow is a quick link to the Campaign Details page.  

The 'quick link' menu at the bottom right of the Reply expanded view makes managing replies really simple.

  • Convert Contact: For now, we 'Convert Contact' is almost like a tag you can apply to a contact.  'Convert' can mean anything, but most likely it's converted to a lead, client, or trial.  What would you use this for?

  • Edit Contact: This is useful if the contact included a useful piece of information in their reply to you like a direct line, mobile #, or a title different from what you have.

  • Move to Another Campaign: Depending on the prospect's reply and your campaign configuration, you may have a follow-up campaign for positive replies to get the meeting booked.  We use at Replyify this to push 'positive replies' into a new campaign to schedule a call.  ps - the new campaign starts with a 'Manual Email'

  • Unsubscribe: Some folks may ignore an subscribe link in your email and this is an easy way to make sure you respect their wishes to not be contacted again.

  • Notes: notes can be added based on your communication with the client and they will be associated with the contact records.  

  • Tags: There is a free-form option to add tags to your contacts.  Use this  as you see fit to qualify/quantify to opportunity or the contact, 

ps - click the 'Collapse' button to close the expanded view of the reply. 

Still have questions?  Drop us a note or leave us feedback!

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