Teams and Users Section

The 'Teams and Users Section' is your starting point for managing team members, other accounts, permissions and billing. 

Benefits of inviting Team Members (or other accounts) to join your team:

  • Switching Accounts to easily 'log in as' a Team Member
  • Sharing templates
  • Sharing and updating 'Do Not Contact' Lists
  • Reporting, Optimizing or Troubleshooting
  • Managing Billing and more!

Managing Your Team or a Team You Were Invited to Join

Teams are very flexible and you can be in multiple teams at one time.   From the 'Teams and Users Section', refer to the bullet points and screen shot below to make sure you are updating/managing the correct Team.

  • Teams that you manage will have an option to 'Manage and Invite'
  • Teams that you are invited to or already a member of will have an option to 'View Details' (see below)

Adding Team Members (General)

You can add a coworker or you can add people from outside your company to your team (ie - you run an agency and manage outbound campaigns on behalf of your clients).  They will receive an invite which will needs to be clicked to confirm their affiliation with your team.  Pro Tip: If you are trying to add another email address that you have permission to send from as an alias, please add the other email here.

Once your invite has been accepted, the user you invited may grant you permissions (see below sections) to their account including the ability for you to 'Switch Accounts'. This requires a Pro Subscription and once enabled, you will be able to jump to a Team Member's account to view campaign stats, edit campaign templates, add contacts and more. 

If you are the designated Team Owner for your company, you can request permission from a Team Member that you invited so you can have access to their account.  You can also grant the Team Member access to your account.

Inviting Someone to Join Your Team (Detailed)

  1. Go to your Teams section and click 'Manage and Invite' 
  2. Click the button to 'Invite New Team Member'
  3. Enter the person's name and email address then click 'Send Invitation'.  The status will initially appear as 'Queued to Send' until the invite has been delivered, at which point the status will update to 'Invite Sent' until the invite is accepted at which point the status will be 'Active'.
  4. They will receive an email with a link to click and confirm the request.  If they do not have a Replyify account, they will be prompted to confirm a new password which will create their new account and automatically join your team.

Instructions for Acquiring Permission to Access a Team Member's Account 

To maintain system integrity and account security, the account/user invited by an admin controls the level of account access to 'Grant' to another account.  If you want the ability to access their account, follow these steps.

  1. Ask the Team Member you invited to go to the Teams & Users section.
  2. Instruct them to click the 'View Details' button associated to the Team Name that you invited them to join.
  3. There will be a 'Manage Permissions' button (under 'Actions') that they will need to click to reveal the 3 permission categories that will need to be granted.
  4. A warning will appear that will need confirmed for the permission to be granted.
  5. Permissions can be revoked at any time by the user.

Instructions for the Admin to Grant Permissions to Team Members (optional)

If you created the team, you are the default Admin (though you can always promote other team members to Admin).  Follow the steps below to share access to some or all of your account with a Team Member invited to the team you manage.

  1. Go to the Teams & Users section.
  2. Click the 'Manage and Invite' button associated to the Team Name that you manage and have invited Team Members to join.
  3. Click the 'Manage' button in the corresponding row for the Team Member that you are granting permissions to so they can access your account.
  4. Next, click the 'Grant Permissions' which will display 3 permission categories that will need to be granted to provide access to some or all of your account.
  5. A warning will appear that will need confirmed for the permission to be granted.
  6. You can revoke permissions you granted to another Team Member at any time.

Permission Categories Explained:

  • Campaigns & Contacts Create, edit, and manage everything to do with your campaigns  
  • Account & Preferences Access, edit, and manage your account preferences, signatures and profile info.  
  • Billing & Subscription Access, edit, and manage your billing & subscription info.[Requires Account Permission] 

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