When you set up your campaign, you have the option to apply settings to control the delivery of the campaign.  Over the course of your campaign, there may be instances where the next email, based in the defined wait period after the previous email, could deliver over the weekend.  

If you set your delivery dates to Monday-Friday, we will skip the weekend, and your email will get sent out on Monday.  The following steps and wait periods will be put on a timeline relative to the 'delayed' email that was sent on Monday because you prohibited weekend delivery. 

Here's an example:

  1. Your account settings have a Delivery Window for the campaign of M-F

  2. Email #1 - sent on a Wednesday

  3. Next step is 'Wait 3 days'

  4. Email #2 - Sent on Monday (since we skipped the weekend based on your settings

  5. Next step is 'Wait 1 day'

  6. Email 3 - Sent on Tuesday

Questions?  Drop us a note to team@replyify.com 

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