Before you add Salesforce BCC email address, consider if you'd like to use our built in bidirectional integration with Salesforce.  Contact us for more info.

Step 1: Confirm that you added your BCC email address to your Account Preferences.

Step 2: Confirm in Salesforce or other CRM that you are using the correct BCC email.

Step 3: Confirm that you are emailing a Lead that has previously been saved in your CRM or the activity may be written to an Unresolved Item section.

Step 4: Your CRM may require the email that you are sending from to be verified by you.  In Salesforce, for example, you need to go to Salesforce Setup -> Email -> My Email to Salesforce. Type your email address into "Acceptable Email Addresses" and save.  

Step 5: Test the BCC outside of Replyify from your primary inbox.  If the activity is written only when sent outside of Replyify, please contact support:

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