Open and Click Tracking

To track your opens and clicks, Replyify needs to:

  • Insert a 1x1 invisible pixel in the email (for opens)

  • Convert your inserted link(s) into trackable links by redirecting the click (for clicks)

Example - If you have a reply recorded, but not an open for a Contact, it's likely that the prospect's email doesn't automatically download images for their emails or they have a pixel blocker installed.  This would limit our ability to track the open.

Pro Tip - Consider setting up a custom domain/URL for open/click tracking as an alternative to using Replyify's default links.  Read more here.

Reply Tracking

Replies are automatically detected within several minutes of landing in your inbox. 

Potential reasons why a reply was not detected:

  • Replies that are in your spam folder will not be detected until they are moved to your primary (main) inbox.

  • You automatically moved a reply to a folder or sub-folder (ie - a rule you created).

  • You manually archived, moved or deleted a reply from your primary inbox before Replyify had a chance to check your inbox for the reply.  (ie - a reply just came in and you immediately responded but have 'send and archive' turned on)

  • The prospect changes the subject line or body of the email.

  • You sent an email from an email address that isn't marked as the 'Primary Email' in your account settings SMTP or IMAP settings.  The default IMAP folder here (designated with a ✔) is the only inbox we will check for replies and bounces.

What should I do now?

  1. You got a reply.  That's a good thing and you'll want to follow that up with a call or an appropriate response.  Here's a blog post we wrote on this.

  2. Check the ToDos Reply section to see if we actually did track the reply.  The prospect should be automatically paused if we tracked this correctly.   

  3. If we didn't pick up the reply and you don't want your prospect to get another email, you can easily pause them manually.  Here's a handy article we wrote on this.

Questions?  Just reply back letting us know where you're getting hung up.

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