A 'Paused' contact will not receive another email from you unless you manually select the option to 'un-Pause' them which sets them to 'Active' and any uncompleted steps in your campaign will resume based on the timeline of your steps.  

  • *Pausing is specific to a campaign.  Your contact could be added to a different campaign, and they would NOT be considered paused by default.  Set the contact to 'Unsubscribe' to ensure that you never contact them again.

An 'Unsubscribed' contact will not receive another email from you.  The option to unsubscribe can be managed by a) the contact if you included an unsubscribe link in your campaign or b) set to "unsubscribed" by you manually for some reason.

Here are some common reasons why you may want to mark a contact as 'Paused' or manually 'Unsubscribe' them.

  • Replyify automatically set's a contact to 'Paused' if a reply was detected from your inbox.  If a reply was received, but not detected, you may want to mark the contact as 'paused'.  The article linked above details why we didn't track the reply.

  • Contact replies asking you to not email them again.  This response can come in many forms.  Here's a blog post we wrote on this.

  • The contact or a different contact at the same organization responds to your email by composing a new message which starts a new email thread (ie - they didn't reply directly to your email).

  • You engage the contact in a non-email conversation and you want to pause future emails from being sent to them.  (ie - you speak with them on the phone)

  • The contact uses your scheduling tool to book a meeting in lieu of replying to your original email.  

Campaign Contacts:

The 'Contacts' section of your campaign is setup to allow you to a) search for prospects to view/edit/pause specific contacts or b) add/remove contacts to/from this campaign.

  1. Search and filter contacts on the left of this page.  

  2. If you know the prospect's email, try filtering by "email is" then apply the filter.  If the contact doesn't appear try filtering using "email contains" (and use the domain like '@sellhack.com' as your input) or name.

  3. Then click on the contact's row to view the contact timeline and 'pause' the contact from future steps or mark them as converted.  

To see a more detailed view of the contact's data, click the expanded view.  You can also mark the contact as 'Unsubscribed', View all history, and update/edit the contact's details.

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