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Alternative 'Send From' Address and Aliases
Alternative 'Send From' Address and Aliases

How to add a new email address or alias to use for sending campaigns from a different email

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A good rule of thumb is to have 1 Replyify account per send-from address, but sometimes you need to use an alias or a separate SMTP server depending on your use case.  (Need a new Gmail/G Suite account?  Click here)

Multiple Email Addresses in 1 Account

To add an up to two additional email addresses to your account please review this article.

The maximum number of emails sent per 24 hour period is 1,000.

So, if you have 1 primary and 1 additional SMTP/IMAP connected, each may be able to send up to a combined 1,000 emails. The distribution could be 500 for SMTP 1 and 500 for SMTP 2 but likely it will not be even due to the dynamic nature of multi-step campaign sequences spread across the account.

Each connected SMTP/IMAP will send and receive from their respective email accounts. Your mail server (GSuite, Office365, etc) will treat each connected SMTP/IMAP separately with regards to mail health, deliverability, and daily sending limits.

Adding an Email Alias to your Replyify Account

Adding an email alias is another option to send from multiple email addresses.

The primary email address must have permission to 'send mail as' from your email client's settings. Please consult your mail provider's support for instructions on creating an 'alias' or 'send from' or 'send mail as' (terminology differs for each provider)

Each connected alias will send using the primary email account. Sent emails will be in the primary email accounts 'sent folder' though they will send from the selected alias. Double check with your email provider to confirm where replies to your email will get routed. This could be either a) your primary email's inbox b) your alias' inbox or c) both if replies will go to the primary email's inbox and the alias email address' inbox.

Your mail server (GSuite, Office365, etc) will not distinguish or differentiate your alias email address from your primary email address with regards to mail health, deliverability, and daily sending limits. So, if you'd like to benefit from more volume and/or protection from the negative impact of one email address over another, consider adding separate SMTP/IMAP credentials referenced here.

The steps to add an email alias are as follows:

1. Add an email to your account here:
2. Confirm your email by clicking on the link in your inbox.
3. (A signature will automatically be created for you)
4. Edit the new signature

Pro tip: You do not have to have content for your signature, if you only want to change the send from address you can have an empty signature so that no extra content is added to your emails but the correct send-from address will be used

5. Make sure you have the correct SMTP permissions to send from this new email address.  If you are using Gmail you can find this in the Gmail settings under 'Send mail as'

Example for using an alias:

1) My primary email is but I want to send 1 (or more) emails in a sequnce/campaign from or

2) My primary email is but I created an alias for so I can filter emails and replies based on the to/from email address.

3) My 3 salespeople all share an inbox which is I want to create a separate alias for each person but don't want to create separate email accounts. So,, and are set as an alias in my account.

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