If you're managing a Team or an Agency, having separate accounts for each team member is the best solution for creating campaigns and managing your cold emailing in the long term.

Replyify now allows you to add multiple SMTP and IMAP credentials to your account.

1) Make sure you have a paid Replyify plan.

You should connect your primary email account (SMTP for sending and IMAP for reply checking) here.  Google and Microsoft accounts can be connected with one click social OAuth.  If you have a custom email server or Exchange, we have a help article showing you how to connect your email account here.

If you don't have a subscription plan yet, you can get a paid plan here and select between monthly, quarterly, and annual plans.  You'll need a paid plan in place before adding an additional SMTP/IMAP email account.  Once you have a paid...

2) Purchase an additional email credential

Click the 'Add Email Account' button (see below) to purchase the additional email credentials.  You can have an additional 2 email accounts per plan and the cost per account is below the video.

Pricing for extra credentials:
Free = n/a
Economy = $1/month
Starter = $10/month
Growth = $20/month
Pro = $30/month
Enterprise = $50/month

3) Connect your additional email account

After you checkout for the additional email account, you can click 'Add Account' to connect your additional email account using OAuth or Custom SMTP/IMAP settings.  Replyify will test the SMTP and IMAP settings for the new email and display the status which should be 'Connected'.  If verification failed, please check this help article and contact us.

4) Create a campaign using the new email

Now you're ready to create a new campaign and enjoy managing multiple email accounts from one Replyify platform license.  When creating a new campaign, select the SMTP you will be sending from like like...

Please note:

  • Only on email account (SMTP/IMAP) can be used per campaign.  If you want to send from multiple email addresses, consider using an alias.

  • If you duplicate a campaign that used a different SMTP credential, make sure you select the correct SMTP from the campaign settings and save.  Next, please update the signature to use which corresponds to the SMTP selected.

  • There is still a limit of 1,000 emails per day for your account.  If you need to send a combined daily volume across your primary and secondary emails that exceeds 1,000 you should get multiple Replyify licenses which can be managed from separate but connected accounts.

This is a new feature added March 2020, so please message us if there are any questions not answered in this article.

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