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Daily Quota Exceeded Help
Daily Quota Exceeded Help
Explanation of the Daily Quota Exceeded Error
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If you see this error at the top of your Replyify account:

... it means that Gmail (or your SMTP server) has responded with an error code of 550 and that you can no longer send emails from this account for at least 12 hours.

What is an error code of 550?

This is usually an error code returned by SMTP servers when a user has exceeded the maximum number of emails sent in a given timeframe.  This is usually used to prevent spammers or other malicious behavior.

This limit is not a fixed number and is different for everyone.  There is no way to get around this error because it is not controlled by Replyify.  We will flag the account for a minimum of 12 hours and try to resume your campaigns the next day.

Note: This is a combination of ALL emails sent from an email account, not only Replyify.  If you send a lot of emails manually or use any other automated service, it will all be applied to your daily limits.

How do I fix this error?

There is nothing you can do but wait.  If you are using an SMTP service which allows you to purchase more relays for the day, you may be able to do that and mitigate the issue in the future.  Gmail does not have a way to do this, you have to wait.

How do I prevent this error?

You should reduce the number of emails you send from your email address.  You can edit the Maximum Emails Sent Per Day in your account preferences here. 

You could also try spreading your usage across multiple accounts.  You will need 1 Replyify account per email address.  Contact us if you need help with this setup.

But I haven't sent that many emails, why did I get this error?

The error message can be a little misleading in some scenarios.  If we receive a message from the SMTP server which contains one of the following messages we will still flag the account:

  -- unusual sending activity detected
  -- have been blocked by
  -- tenant has exceeded threshold
  -- banned sender
  -- email was detected as spam
  -- smtp limit exceeded

If you have not sent many (or any) emails with Replyify for the day but you get this error you will need to contact whomever is the administrator of your SMTP service to find a solution.

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