Your Replyify subscription determines the number of people you can email per month (Active Contacts) and the features enabled for your account (ie - Switch Accounts, A/B testing, 'Email Account Warm Up').

Active Contacts are calculated based on your 30 day billing cycle.  A contact is considered Active if, during the current 30 day cycle, they received an email or other 'step' defined by your campaign settings.  After 30 days, the contacts will automatically switch from Active to Inactive if they have unsubscribed, bounced, converted or completed their campaign.

Deleting Contacts:

Deleting Contacts is usually a bad idea.

  1. Deleting a contact DOES NOT free up a credit in Replyify.  Whether you delete the contact or not, they are still considered active for at least the first 30 days after they receive their most recent email from you.

  2. Deleting contacts will affect our ability to accurately produce reports on Campaign or Account activity.

  3. Deleting contacts removes our ability to track whether the contact's email address bounced, unsubscribed, replied and more.

  4. Once the contact is automatically marked as Inactive, they no longer contribute to your plan limits.  You also benefit by retaining a comprehensive history of campaign stats and contact activity for reporting.

Deleting Campaigns:

Deleting Campaigns is usually a bad idea too.  Here's how a conversation goes where we learn a campaign was deleted.

Client: I just created a new campaign yesterday and nothing is sending today and showing that 100 contacts in the campaign are queued.

Me: Ok, your dashboard shows a big red bar 'Plan Limit Reached' and 250 out of 250 Active Contacts.  I only see one campaign in your account and confirm there are 100 contacts queued.  Did you delete a campaign?

Client: Yes.  

Me:  Ok, please don't do that.  There's no benefit since Replyify dynamically manages the Active Contact count.  Deleting campaigns/contacts isn't a workaround to send to more people otherwise this would create a big exploit in our system.

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