A fellow client asked us whether we had "holiday pause feature".

There may be certain times of the year (ie - religious and government holidays) when you want to pause email sending for a campaign. 

You can do this by editing the settings for the campaign, and setting the 'Scheduled Go Live Date' (see below).

IMPORTANT - If you edit this date and save your settings your campaign with immediately pause and it will resume delivery at your Daily Start Time on your Scheduled Go Live Date.  You can also use this setting for it's original intention of scheduling a campaign to Go Live :)

Alternatively, you can just select 'Pause All Campaigns' from the campaign list page or just nothing and keep sending emails.  Just remember to set a reminder to unpause your campaigns once the work week starts back up.

ps - here are a few things to consider about the other settings above.

  • I see a lot of folks NOT sending on Saturday or Sunday.  I actually get good results on these days.  Try it before assuming that Sat/Sun are off limits.

  • Your daily start time can be overridden for each email in your sequence by clicking the 'Advanced' options when setting up your campaign.  

  • EMail Cutoff Time is a new feature we recently released.  It works well if you only like sending at certain times, like during business hours.  I haven't seen enough data to lead me to believe one approach is better than another.  Downside to using this is less emails may go out per day, upside could be that 10-12 is when all your replies come in.  

  • Max Contacts to Activate Per Day is a good way to manage your volume if, for example, you seed your campaign with a large list of prospects and haven't gotten into the flow with list building on SellHack yet.

  • Prevent Contacts in other Campaigns is turned on by default and meant to prevent you from accidentally adding the same person to a new campaign.  It's a handy setting to also turn off at times if you want to create a drip, nurture or follow-up campaign.  Here's an example of a 7 day Cold Email Crash Course I built using Unbounce + Zapier + Replyify.  I have 7 emails in the Replyify campaign (all separated by no wait periods to deliver 1 email every day) and the 'prevent contacts' setting is unchecked since I link to it in a few of my other campaigns. 

Pro Tip: Holidays are prime time for Out of Office replies.  In your Account Preferences, you can manage the Out of Office Rule: Uncheck this option if you do NOT want to pause the sequence if we detect the phrase 'out of the office' or 'out of office' in a reply.  If you uncheck this, you can also tell Replyify what to do with the OOO autoresponder.  When We Detect An Out Of Office, you can instruct Replyify to Delete, Archive and Move to a specific folder in your inbox, or leave the OOO in your inbox.

Hope this helps!  Holler back in intercom if you have any feedback.

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