How Can I Tell If My Email Address is Connected?

The first place to check if your email account is connected is in Account Diagnostics.  

Connecting Your Email for the First Time

You can easily connect your Gmail, GoogleApps, Outlook or Office 365 accounts to Replyify.  If this is your first time, go to your Account Settings and check out this step by step guide for connecting your email.  Want to add multiple email addresses that you own or manage?  Drop us a note to and we'll get you set up.
ps - If you are having trouble connecting your Gmail account, you may need to contact your IT manager and ask them to Whitelist Replyify.  Here's a link you can send them since it's new Google feature.

Why Did My Campaign Stop Sending Emails?

If your email campaigns stop sending and you don't know why, the first place to check is your Account Diagnostics.   If you see green checks for each category and your campaigns are still not running:

  • Check that your campaign execution days and time is set to what you expect.

  • Make sure the daily activations set in your campaign setting is not restricting the number of activations and preventing you from sending.

Account Diagnostics Are Red or Show an Error:

  1. Subscription:  Your subscription may have lapsed or you need to upgrade.  Update your credit card here or upgrade your account here.

  2. Live Campaign: here's a detailed step-by-step guide to set a campaign LIVE.

  3. SMTP or IMAP: Click here to connect or re-connect your email OR refer to this handy guide for email configuration.

  4. Your email connection is flagged: Click here to connect or re-connect your email OR refer to this handy guide for email configuration.

  5. Sending limit: Check that your Account Preferences aren't limiting your daily sends with the number you set for "Maximum Emails Sent Per Day."  Your Email Admin (tech guy/gal) or Gmail/Google Apps have communicated to us that you're account is limited for the day.

My Account Keeps Getting Disconnected:

If you have an account connected, but it keeps getting disconnected, here's a few things to check.

  1. Did you recently add another email address to your GMail/Google Apps account?  Make sure that email address is given the correct permissions in your Gmail.

  2. Are you logged into a different Gmail Account in the same browser that is trying to connect to Replyify?  For example, if my Replyify account is connected to '' but I'm logged into my '' Gmail account and my connection is dropping.

  3. Send us a note to if this still isn't working or you're trying to do something with a custom email account setup.

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