Week Ending 1/24/2021:

  • Our agencies and big teams will love the 'Quick Search' when utilizing the 'switch accounts' function

  • More fun security and penetration testing for our annual security audit.

Week Ending 1/17/2021:

  • Campaign Contacts and Main Contacts filters now include the option to search/sort for contacts based on the filename that you imported them with.

  • More Zapier Integration Updates for adding a contact to campaigns.

  • Deployed latest version of encryption for the security of our clients and their data.

Week Ending 1/3/2021:

  • Your email provider may signal Replyify to 'stop sending' which prompts a notification in the app and usually a 12-24 hour reset. Clients with multiple email accounts connected may have their sending halted for the day for all email accounts. Now, only the email account affected will be paused for sending. The other emails will continue to send normally.

  • Updated Suppression lists to handle large queries.

Week Ending 12/20/2020:

  • Pushed a new sort option on the Main Campaign page. You can now sort the order of the listed campaigns alphabetically by campaign name, created date, live status, and start time.

Week Ending 12/13/2020:

  • BCC hook restarts contact in Campaign Settings. The default setting is 'Off' (or unchecked). This is a setting can be enabled for a VERY particular use case where you add a contact to a campaign entering the campaign's BCC email address into the BCC field of an email you send from your mail client. Enabling this feature allows for a contact who may already be in that campaign to 'restart' the campaign from the top. The most common use case for using this feature is if you have a generic follow-up campaign where you want a few follow-ups going out if the recipient of the email (that you first sent via your mail client) goes unanswered.

Week Ending 12/6/2020:

  • Preparing for another independent 3rd party security assessment.

  • Pushed an update for the SellHack integration.

Week Ending 11/29/2020:

  • Updated login/logout security. Some may have noticed a temporary delay or error trying to log in which was fixed within 30 minutes of being reported.

  • Updated pricing bundles for Agency Accounts.

Week Ending 11/22/2020:

  • Added a new feature to bumping an email in a Chained Campaign. If you're already chaining campaigns, you know that once a contact completes campaign A, they can be automatically added to Campaign B (which is often more of a drip/nurture). You can now bump the first email in a chained campaign so the LAST email of Campaign A will be inserted below the first email of Campaign B and retains the subject line with an re: inserted.

Week Ending 11/8/2020:

  • Updated the password reset security protocols.

  • Fixed an issue with some ToDos not loading correctly.

  • Upgraded Microsoft connection for client's using Oauth to connect.

Week Ending 11/1/2020:

  • Updated how we calculate a 24 hour period when you have a different timezone in your Account Preferences vs. Campaign. Please be sure to select the correct timezone in your Account Preferences (default is UTC).

  • Updated rendering for bumped emails in the Contact Expanded View to accurately reflect the bump content.

Week Ending 10/18/2020:

  • Updated Google token refreshing which should help keep accounts connected when Google has a minor timeout.

  • Fixed template rendering issue for Firefox on Call ToDos section.

Week Ending 10/4/2020:

Week Ending 9/27/2020:

  • Suppression lists upgraded.

  • Updated error catching when switching primary email accounts.

Week Ending 9/13/2020:

  • Added a new feature to apply quick edits to campaign steps even w/ a live campaign. Go to your campaign stats page, click 'View' and at the bottom right you'll see 'Extra Step Options' where you can enable/disable a) Bump b) Pause on Click c) Pause on Open d) Start time for this particular step.

Week Ending 8/30/2020:

  • Suppression lists upgraded.

  • Updated our TOS and included systematic and manual spam review actions for new accounts to keep our client's email deliverability at the highest level possible.

Week Ending 8/16/2020:

  • Updated stats section and reporting.

  • Speed and accuracy of open tracking was optimized.

  • You can now add up to 2 additional SMTP connections per account license.

Week Ending 8/2/2020:

  • Updated Zapier integration.

  • Fixed a few rendering bugs with emails sent via Zapier.

  • Added CCPA compliance documentation in Privacy.

Week Ending 7/19/2020:

  • Salesforce Integration Updates.

  • Most popular is creating leads based on an action with Salesforce.

Week Ending 7/5/2020:

  • Hope everyone had a great 4th of July!

Week Ending 6/28/2020:

  • Clicking 'view' and scrolling to the bottom of the email step you'll see 'Extra Step Options'. Now you can 'bump' an email to keep on the same thread as the previous email, enable/disable 'pause on click/open', or edit the start time for the step.

Week Ending 6/14/2020:

  • Pushed salesforce update so you can now create new leads based on an action.

  • Rolled out a number of stat related tweaks to improve speed and accuracy.

Week Ending 6/7/2020:

  • Bug fixed reactivating contacts in campaign when adding additional emails to a LIVE campaign.

  • Updated campaign prioritization on accounts with 10+ campaigns. Pro tip, you don't need to create a new campaign every time you want to add additional contacts.

  • When copy/pasting email templates from MS Word or Google Docs, make sure you 'paste and match formatting' into Replyify. 3rd party text editors add A LOT of additional HTML that you can't see. This may have resulted in your template formatting to look off.

  • Clicking 'view' and scrolling to the bottom of the email step you'll see 'Extra Step Options'. Now you can 'bump' an email to keep on the same thread as the previous email, enable/disable 'pause on click/open', or edit the start time for the step.

Week Ending 5/24/2020:

  • Pushed an update to improve Bounced Email detection.

  • Added a new filter for Campaign Contacts. Now you can sort contacts by the step they are on.

  • Updated Campaign Stats page. The number indicating which contacts are 'waiting' between emails is now clickable. Clicking this number will take you to a filtered view of all contacts on that step.

Week Ending 5/10/2020:

  • Spent the week busy with clients. Spent the weekend migrating our 'internal' (confirm account, change password etc) email servers from Sendgrid to AWS.

  • Seeing an uptick in clients with a Covid-19 related business and/or pivot. Really proud to help companies help others in need.

Week Ending 5/3/2020:

  • Made our email connecting even easier with a few upgrades to Exchange Servers and Office 365.

  • Updated our Bounce detection and minimized the IMAP loop to make things even faster.

  • Updated filters for the ToDos section.

Week Ending 4/19/2020:

  • Updated sending rate limits for accounts with multiple SMTP connections. 

  • Updated CCPA readiness for compliance with California laws.

Week Ending 4/5/2020:

  • Pushed a new feature to add multiple email accounts under the same license.  Help article here.

  • Enhanced security measures may force you to connect OAuth for Google/Office365 where you previously may have used a password to connect.

Week Ending 3/15/2020:

  • Added a way for Team Owners and Agency Owners to search for contacts across all the accounts you are an Admin of.  This is helpful to track down a contact to see which team member/client has been communicating with them.  From your dashboard, click the dropdown (top left) then click the 'Find Contact' (see below)

  • Added quick link to 'Manage Team' from the Team Dashboard (next to Find Contact)

  • Rolled out the Python upgrades across the platform this week.  

Week Ending 3/8/2020:

  • Migrating Replyify to the latest version of Python for extra speed and security.

Week Ending 2/23/2020:

  • Bulk/batch unsubscribe contacts from the same company available in main contacts section.

  • Bulk/batch delete contacts from main contacts section.  Select all/some and 'delete from the dropdown.

  • Updated stats for open tracking from issue last week.

  • There was an issue early in the week with confirmation and contact export emails being delayed.  This was a bug in Sendgrid and was fixed.  If you didn't receive something please contact us in Intercom.

  • What features are we missing that would make an impact on your business?  Email us team@replyify.com 

Week Ending 2/16/2020:

  • Successfully completed migration to newest versions of all underlying source code.

  • Zapier updated to include click/open actions.

  • Investigating why Google showing extra opens for emails.  Likely something changed in their monitoring.

Week Ending 2/2/2020:

  • Updated SellHack Integration.

  • Increased the number of campaigns eligible to run per hour.

  • Updated Salesforce Integration.

  • Updated reply detection and handling.

Week Ending 1/19/2020:

  • Updated Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Fixed a bug in Firefox for saving templates.  

  • Upgraded our non-UTF8 character handling for file uploads.

Week Ending 1/5/2020:

  • Hope everyone had a great holiday season. 

  • Nice to have some time to work on our business (strategically) not in the business (tactically) over the last few weeks. 

  • What features are we missing that would make an impact on your business?  Email us team@replyify.com 

Week Ending 12/15/2019:

  • Confirmed Replyify is compliant with Google's Security Policy requirements for 2020.  We'll be undergoing regular testing and re-certification in 2020.

  • Remember we have a handy feature for the holidays.  Pause during the holidays with this handy feature.  Read more

Week Ending 11/24/2019:

  • Remember we have a handy feature for the holidays.  Pause during the holidays with this handy feature.  Read more

  • Updated contact handling for accounts with 10,000+ contacts

  • Check out our new post on managing blocked emails.

Week Ending 11/17/2019:

  • When adding contacts in your account to a new campaign, there is a bulk action to 'select all' that match a search filter to import/add in bulk. 

  • Updated Zapier integration to adhere to Google policies on passing information contained in replies.

Week Ending 11/10/2019:

  • Prepping for system upgrades to next gen version of Python.

  • We don't have many bugs, but now we have a full bug-bounty program established on HackerOne to track down problems before they become issues for our clients. 

Week Ending 10/27/2019:

  • Updated Hot Contacts algorithm to better display contacts most engaged with your emails.

  • Updated campaign reporting.

  • Upgraded integration with SellHack.com.

  • New Zaps are available.  Check out the integration on Zapier!

Week Ending 10/6/2019:

  • If you're managing a team, make sure to check out the team reporting accessed from your dashboard.

  • Check out the new post on managing deliverability for GSuite accounts here.

Week Ending 9/29/2019:

  • Pushed an update for GDPR compliance and privacy.

  • Hot Contacts section revamped and deployed with an updated algorithm.

Week Ending 9/22/2019:

  • On Sunday, 9/22 we made a few updates to the encryption when connecting your email account using OAuth and Passwords.  You may have received a notice that 'your account requires attention'.  Please disregard as this was an automated message sent when we refreshed the keys.

  • Completion of Google Security Assessment for oAuth applications by a 3rd party security firm. 

  • Our infrastructure, policies, and overall security of the platform and your data has been upgraded over the last few weeks.  There were two day last week when some front end services (contacts, stats and ToDos) were slower than usual and caused some timeouts for clients while we prioritized system resources to ensure that emails continued sending/tracking during the penetration testing.  

Week Ending 9/15/2019:

  • We're working on upgrading encryption procedures for data handling.  

  • Significant penetration testing was completed this week.  

  • We made updates to Reactivating Contacts in completed campaigns when you make an edit to live campaigns by extending the timeline.

Week Ending 9/8/2019:

  • Increase penetration testing may begin this/next week.  Please be patient if you are experiencing any delays in the front end.  Core functionality like email sending will not be compromised though there may be delays exporting data.

Week Ending 8/25/2019:

  • Shoring up the security on our platform with the help of a 3rd party security firm. 

Week Ending 8/11/2019:

  • Updated reporting filters

  • Reporting across your team is live from the Admin's account dashboard.  

Week Ending 8/4/2019:

  • Making adjustments to Office365 integration to track bounces more effectively.

  • Preparing for the Google Security Assessment

Week Ending 7/21/2019:

  • Microsoft Exchange is available platform wide!  Great job to our engineers!

Week Ending 7/14/2019:

  • Final testing prior to limited release completed for Exchange and Office365 connectors.

Week Ending 7/7/2019:

  • Happy 4th of July!  We're putting the final touches on Exchange and O365 support now to have live in production this month.

Week Ending 6/30/2019:

  • Updating backend system caches to speed up reporting. 

  • Enhancements to Hot Contacts Algorithm.

Week Ending 6/16/2019:

  • Improvements to how we handle GDPR requests.

  • Updates to Zapier and SellHack integrations.

Week Ending 6/9/2019:

  • Nothing sexy to report.  All backend work to make sure the system is always up, reliable and fast..

Week Ending 6/2/2019:

  • Launched our BugBounty program in preparation for Google's Security Review.

Week Ending 5/19/2019:

  • We're preemptively improving security and making sure client data is always protected.  Working with a 3rd party firm to review/analyze as our business grows.

  • Enhancements include Microsoft Exchange support.  These are two big projects that are keeping the devs busy.

Week Ending 5/12/2019:

  • Boring backend works as our client base has doubled in the last year.  We're making sure Replyify is always up, stable, and fast.

  • Monitoring what features/functionality folks are using most and looking for enhancements.  If there is something we don't have in place that you need/want please contact team@replyify.com and share your product use case otherwise we may start working on someone else's request :)

Week Ending 5/5/2019:

  • Building out Office365 OAuth support to connect email accounts more easily.

  • Cleaning up a few edge cases related to the stats analysis we pushed last week allowing you to view stats for a period of time compared against the lifetime stats for the campaign or isolating the specific period of time.  This can be helpful when running A/B tests to pick winners/losers.

Week Ending 4/29/2019:

  • On the campaign stats page, when you apply a date range you can choose between seeing stats % relative to lifetime (ALL) data for the campaign or just the activity during the date range you selected. 

Week Ending 4/21/2019:

  • New team dashboard view (in beta as we add more functionality) for an overview of team activity.  Access from your personal dashboard top left of screen next to Dashboard page title.

  • Microsoft Exchange support v2 in development.

Week Ending 3/31/2019:

  • You can now export your custom contact fields from the campaign contact list

  • New team search across all teams to make it easier to find team members when you are in multiple teams

Week Ending 3/24/2019:

  • You can now override the safety setting of 12 hours between auto-emails to the same contact.  Edit your account preferences to change this setting but be careful, the 12 hour safety setting prevents accidental mistakes and over-contacting someone!

Week Ending 3/17/2019:

  • Quick view for contact information from the contact list: hover over the row and click the 'window' icon for a quick view of your contact without leaving the list view

  • Database updates and upgrades.

Week Ending 3/10/2019:

  • Updates to the default Account Preferences for new accounts: 'Out of Office' not tracked as replies and when we detect a bounced email, we will mark the email as bounced then delete/archive.  This should help keep the ToDos section and your inbox clutter free.  ps - you can always edit this setting as we're just changing the default setting here.

  • Updated our Integration with SellHack.  Check out their new pricing too!

Week Ending 3/3/2019:

  • Produced a new full product quick(ish) demo video.

  • Updates Zapier templates with our integration.

  • Added detailed contact and campaign info to our Webhooks for better data mapping on Zapier or any other endpoint.  

Week Ending 2/24/2019:

  • New campaign step type added: Webhook - now integrate your sequence with endless options

  • Individual Templates can now be copied into another team members account without duplicating the whole campaign

  • Sort campaigns for priority when scheduled to start in the same hour: Campaign Sort

  • Our Zapier application is officially released out of beta: Check out our Zapier page

Week Ending 2/10/2019:

  • Updating Salesforce integration based on client requests including better filtering and  bulk adding contacts to campaigns.

  • Updates to our Zapier integration.

  • Updated contact importer to track duplicates by email address and/or custom field/ID. 

  • Updated article/instructions for connecting your email account here.

Week Ending 2/3/2019:

  • 🔥Custom tracking domain/host for links and opens (CNAME setup) Learn more here

  • Check out the A/B testing filters for reporting that were updated this weekend.  

Week Ending 2/3/2019:

  • Campaign Stats quick view for TODAY'S real time 'stats by day' and visible on Main Campaign page.

  • Our friends at SellHack just updated their pricing and included a 100% bounce protection guarantee.

  • We're always looking for ways to speed up the app including stats and reporting.  Please send us a note if your stats haven't changed/updated. Occasionallyy there may be something cached that we can reset and ensure doesn't happen again.  The stats will automatically reset/update but we're most interested in finding the ones that aren't updating as quickly as others.

Week Ending 1/27/2019:

  • Custom fields now available in exports from the Main Contacts section.

  • Bulk Add (select all) contacts to add to a new campaign. 

  • Updates to reporting filters to filter by campaign like filtering by Timeline if you're A/B testing.

Week Ending 1/20/2019:

  • Check out the new post on setting up an alternative email address for cold emailing. 

  • Chaining Campaigns released.  You can set a trigger in Campaign Preferences to move contacts to another campaign when they complete the first one and don't respond. Read more here.

Week Ending 1/13/2019:

  • Check out the new post on setting up an alternative email address for cold emailing. 

  • Updates to Account Preferences for managing Out Of Office replies.  

  • ps - if you haven't set your Bounce Detection rule in Account Preferences, it's a really nice way to keep your inbox tidy.

12/23/2018 - 1/6/2019:

  • Working on a few long term projects revolving around reporting.  

  • Enjoying time with family and prepping for a fast start in 2019.

  • Coming Soon: Smarter out of office detection after analyzing data from this past holiday season.  

  • ps -  Happy New Year and we're thankful to have you using something we pour everything we have into!

Week ending 12/16/2018:

  • Spent the week focused on 2019 and prioritizing our roadmap.  More on this later.

  • Surprised how busy we've been lately even around the holidays.  Don't you guys ever stop! :)

Week ending 12/9/2018:

  • Optimizing how we cache data for stats.  Let us know if you see anything that isn't updating like it should be.  

  • You can now change/edit the send from 'signature' right from the Campaign Stats page. 

  • Notice the new 'Campaign Actions' dropdown on the top right side of the Campaign Stats page?  We optimized the UI to make it easier to make updates to your campaign. 

Week ending 12/2/2018:

  • Updated the Email Account section to make it easier to add/remove email accounts.

  • ps - if you're experimenting with an alternative email address and want a free account to warm it up, let us know.  

Week ending 11/25/2018:

  • Pretty quiet week, then cyber monday hit and one of our providers went down.

  • We no longer work with them, and quickly implemented a backup plan to keep the app humming. 

Week ending 11/18/2018:

  • Pause during the holidays with this handy feature.  Read more

Week ending 11/11/2018:

  • Updates to reply detection, specifically for out-of-office replies.

  • Zapier updates released with more options available.

Week ending 11/4/2018:

  • Salesforce integration updates.

  • Bug fixes here and there but stead/stable otherwise.

Week ending 10/28/2018:

  • New agency functionality in testing to allow multiple SMTP account support.

Week ending 10/21/2018:

  • Upgraded SellHack integration.

  • System is stable and fast.  Just the way we like it.

Week ending 10/14/2018:

  • Upgraded Salesforce integration.

Week ending 10/7/2018:

  • Added campaign scheduling date.

  • Added email 'cutoff' time.

Week ending 9/30/2018:

  • We've been growing...considerably.  Taking time to shore up the application to scale.

Week ending 9/23/2018:

Week ending 9/16/2018:

  • Smart link variable detection: URLs can now be used in variables and will automatically be linked and click tracking applied

  • Send test emails for specific Timelines when A/B testing

Week ending 9/9/2018:

  • Testing allowing edits to a timeline (from the Campaign Stats page) for a Live Campaign.

  • Making adjustments to recent features like extending timelines, A/B testing and more.

  • Adding an 'Email Cutoff Time' in your Campaign Settings to set the latest time of the day that Replyify is allowed to send emails.

Coming in the next few weeks:

  • Emojis in your subject lines

  • Custom links.  This will allow you to use our 'variables' to send a custom link to each/every person in the campaign.

Week ending 9/2/2018:

  • Released our 7-day Cold Email Mastery email based course using Replyify to deliver a drip/nurture sequence as a test.  Check it out here.

  • Updated Campaign Settings giving override our default 'pause on detected reply'.  We pushed this setting to turn off 'pause on reply' for a specific campaign, like our Cold Email Course, so it continues to send.

  • If you're using our Zapier integration, to add contacts to campaigns, you can now immediately activate these contacts.  This is another tweak from our 7 day email course project.

Week ending 8/26/2018:

  • More Live Campaign Edit Settings (optional).  The dev team has been hard at work making Replyify the easiest platform on the planet to manage, customize and edit cold email campaigns...even after you Go Live!

  • Edit your signatures (or change senders) from the Campaign Stats page even after the campaign is set live.

Week ending 8/19/2018:

Week ending 8/12/2018:

Week ending 7/29/2018:

  • Initial testing and prep for two NEW features A/B Testing and Extending Timelines.

Week ending 7/15/2018:

Coming in the next 30-60 days:

  • Reporting upgrades and sending reports externally.

  • Extending campaigns and adding additional steps once they've been set LIVE!  (lot's of folks asking for this and we're starting to build it out now since it touches core sending logic)

Week ending 7/8/2018:

  • Hope everyone had a great 4th of July week!

  • Fixed extra HTML tags inserted into deleted links/attachments.

  • Salesforce integration upgrades.

Week ending 6/24/2018:

  • Upgrades to system infrastructure as we continue to grow are now completed. You shouldn't have noticed anything but we're in a much better place now as we scale the business.

Week ending 6/3/2018:

  • Upgrading all system infrastructure for the next week or two when not working to support clients on optimizing cold email campaigns.

Week ending 5/20/2018:

Coming in next 60 days:

  • GDPR is coming.  Are you ready?  We are.

  • Dashboard for Admins to view activity across team

  • Anything else you'd like to see?

Week ending 5/13/2018:

  • Updated Follow-up Campaign feature was created and we hope you like it as much as we do.  Check out the FAQ here

  • Migrated to Cloudfront CDN to speed up page load speed.

  • Preparation for GDPR.

Week ending 5/6/2018:

  • Major updates to stats and reporting due to excessively long queries that were causing pages to not load.  Sorry.  We corrected the underlying issue after a few all-nighters.

  • Email delivery was not affected, but web app performance was bush league.

Week ending 4/29/2018:

  • Entire team came down with the flu.  It was not a fun week.  Sorry if you had to speak with anyone on the phone or over chat.  

  • Not much to speak of for progress other than making sure emails sent and our system stayed online.

Week ending 4/22/2018:

  • Updates to Team Invites allowing optional Campaign and Account permissions to be granted by the Invitee when they accept your invite.  Updated FAQ

  • Want to use Zapier?  Drop us a note and we'll enable the functionality in your account.

Coming in next 60 days:

  • GDPR compliance (Done)

  • Updates to TOS, Privacy, and Data Policy in preparation for GDPR (Done)

  • Attachments (done)

Week ending 4/15/2018:

  • Follow-up Campaigns V1 complete.  Based on your feedback we'll add more functionality as this product evolves.  Updated FAQ

Week ending 4/8/2018:

  • Better error catching if you exceed your daily sending limit (quota) and what to do if this happens.  Updated FAQ

  • Updates to reporting on unique clicks and opens in campaign stats.

Week ending 4/1/2018:

  • Adding Attachments completed.  Supports PDFs up to 10MB and can be added to the campaign template(s).  

  • Attachments will are formatted as links to download the uploaded document and the download text can be customized and entered into the body of the email. 

Week ending 3/25/2018:

  • Salesforce is stable and out of beta (no bugs/issues reported in 21 days)

  • Bump feature (threaded reply) is now available if you're bumping a manual email.

Week ending 3/18/2018:

Coming in next 30 days:

  • Attachments (done)

  • Saved templates/snippets for replies in ToDos Section

  • Saved mapping preferences for variables when importing contacts

Week ending 3/11/2018:

  • Zapier v1 beta and testing

  • Adjustments for Daylight Savings Time

  • Updated Blog

Week ending 3/4/2018:

  • Auto-granting 'campaign' access permission to Admin for new Team Members

  • Campaign stats optimization for Hot Contacts

Week ending 2/25/2018:

  • Salesforce option in 'Add Contacts'

  • Zapier Integration started

Week ending 2/18/2018:

  • BCC email option to start a campaign.  This is v1 of a big project to add a contact to a campaign from your inbox or from an inbound lead form.

  • and....more Salesforce.

Week ending 2/11/2018:

  • More Salesforce testing

  • Adding images to email body (copy/paste)

Week ending 2/4/2018:

  • Salesforce V1 in beta

  • Updated Blog

Week ending 1/28/2018:

Week ending 1/21/2018:

  • Major Reporting Enhancements (custom time + export)

  • Edited and deployed Example/Demo Campaigns

  • Updated Blog

Week ending 1/14/2018:

  • Upgraded bounce and reply detection.

  • Auto-move a detected 'bounced email' from your inbox to a designated inbox folder.

  • Added setting to Campaign Settings to 'prevent contacts in multiple campaigns' as a safety feature to prevent accidentally adding contacts to more than one campaign.  This can be turned on or off on a campaign by campaign basis.

Week ending 1/7/2018:

  • After replying from ToDos section, select and move a prospect to a designated inbox folder.

  • Setting Product Roadmap for Q1 2018.  Big projects including Salesforce, Zapier, Reporting, product onboarding videos and more.

Week ending 12/07/2017:

  • GDPR compliance roadmap initiated.

Week ending 12/07/2017:

  • Filtering by campaign from your main contact list.  This also allows you to export a set of contacts from a specific campaign.

  • Updated Blog

Week ending 11/17/2017:

  • You can now pause a sequence for a contact when they open an email or click a link.  This is configurable for each step in the sequence listed under 'Advanced Settings' when editing steps

  • Rendered Steps... You can view the history of all steps for a contact, rendered with variables replaced, for your reference.  Found in the contact section of each To-dos item and on the contact details view.

Week ending 11/10/2017:

  • Font size has been added to the wysiwyg editor for composing signatures and templates.

  • Bounce report rule implemented in preferences: you can now have Replyify delete or move bounce reports from your inbox.

Week ending 10/20/2017:

  • Individual campaign steps can now be set to a custom time of day for delivery.

  • GDPR working session with counsel.

Week ending 10/13/2017:

  • You can now add BCC email address for all outgoing emails at the campaign level.  This does not override the account level  BCC email address but will add an additional if it is set.

Week ending 8/18/2017:

  • You can now use a BUMP to follow up to previous emails in a campaign rather than starting a new thread for all emails.

Week ending 8/11/2017:

  • Campaign setting now have an option to prevent a contact who is active in the campaign from accidentally getting added to another campaign.  (You can turn this on/off based on your preference.  For example, you may want to prevent a contact from being added to multiple outbound campaigns, but if you have an upcoming webinar and want to add the prospect, you may want to allow the prospect to be added to another campaign.)

  • Toggle option to turn off click / open tracking at campaign level.

  • Reply detection from a different email address.  (You email john@company.com but john@company.co replies.  We'll now associate the reply to the right contact.)

  • Images can now be added to signatures (Edit your signature(s) to add an image)

  • Export from contacts section to CSV file (You can now run reports based on contact data or activity and export to a .csv file)

  • Replies can be moved from Inbox to another folder or Archived directly from To-Do’s section.  (This feature makes it easier to manage replies from Replyify then click the drop down, select a folder move the reply or archive the message to keep your inbox neat and tidy.)

  • You can now mouse over campaign level stats to toggle the view of % and count.  You can also click a stat to jump to filtered view of campaign for that stat.  Booya!

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